a note on 7%+ this month

a note on 7%+ this month! And the push forward! Good morning all I did made some changes since there is a mayor regulating change and I felt it coming for months but as aways you do not know when they come exactly and also not how they will effect the platform and the way you can trade in there rules 🙂 so as you see I’m always looking after this stuff with you as my copyrs in the back of my head And ALWAYS try to put you first with all that in mind… ( I know copyrs who are with me for years they now this already clearly and Im honored for that!) Since we slowed down in the walk towards this regulating stuff we now as you can see are going full speed 7% this month! And we push it forward believe me!

Now a special note on the good side of regulating …. Big banks financial institutions big institutions trading desk and all that is involved they’re more regulated than us!! This means we have more freedom to operate how we like we can aso do it faster… this is a huge opportunities and im on it to…… how is that called make massive use of that ….. Exploit it is the worth and I will do that as mush I can. ( yeah you know I will if I tell you I will!!!) A lot of person think you have risk when you put a position on and that’s true ofcorse!! But what you have to realize is that you also have broker risk ( in my opinion etoro is still a good partner in my way to make money for myself and for others) …. and now even more inportant regulating risk and im always aware of that and always making sure I make decisions based on that!!! With copyrs in the back of my head I think I proved that again how I handled this and I will prove it again and again and again and making money in the mean time as we go on slow safe steady and aiming for lots of profits!!!! Its A LONG POST BUT AN IMPORTANT ONE!



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