Analysing Thank you for youre pataints

I know its bin some time for a proper update!
Thank you all for you’re patients!

The market needed some background analyzing and well Than I tend to be little less online and more Doing my real job as a trader. Which is analyzing…. And making (cents sense dollars) From it.

I lot is happening like that Volatility jumping around …. Facebook regulating. Trumph as always.

Also I think noansoas account will be if you look year to year in the end of this year have a great pefomrmance but where down for this year,… Stocksnoansoas is doing great even with the big teck stocks down where going strong.
noascopyfund: Is still in building stage for this year as always End of the year we will see pefomance. With a 3-6 month trading horizon.

Want to wish you all a great day!

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