Apple Inc. Rose more than 5%

Apple Inc. Rose more than 5%


Which is good for teck stocks overall and whe have some of those I took profits on some on them with some 33% + returns $shop $etsy are they important once 🙂 Also I did take profits on nem hubs wy ua panw nike d Microsoft and will rotate some of those positions.

As you have seen I do also de lavrage a litle since the SL rules on etoro are not working for how we trade with vol spikes all over the place… So as always I adjusted for the better. This also means we took the risk of the portefolio down a lot!!

So I do expect we have some wild runs but economic data on us is strong and I will be on that also it could be we will short some stock to heagde or to just take nice profits $aud/usd is added for a reason 🙂

Markets headlines … stil brexit story earope doesn’t look that good trade wars also a big ongong theme …

On that note wish you all agreat day!
Here the most importand thing you need to know when trading!! And doing youre life!!

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