aud/usd Short Australia

aud/usd Short Australia

Yes you hear that right Australia looks like A great short at the moment $aud/usd. Im sorry really I hate to be happy when country get in trouble But live comes in cycles and country’s do well in cycles an sometimes there not!

Yeah and so nice I got an email from a copyer who is with me from 2014!!! For those who are also Like Him I know there a lot of you 🙂 Im honored And Thank you for you’re trust!! Its ofcorse also nice he emails me in persons!!
I told you Im here for the long term and will always try to do best for the copy’s and this doenst mean I only try to make good trades and or do great risk management (with the inhuman patients Im known for ) its also that sometimes regulation changes platform rules changes and I will always try to do the best I can for the copyrs….But I will tell you this: trading is Easy but trading right with the rules of platform changes after regulations changes…………. is Kind of Really hard if you’re trading longer term!
But Again I will be on top of that And I will always try to do best for the copyrs!

We did take some good profits and we have a good start of the Year! And I intend to keep that up…

Also I will be updating more in this Blog since so many of you ask me that!

On that Note Wish you all a great day and we will for on Slow Safe Steady and aiming for lots of profits!!

Greetings Noa Strijbos

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