Financieeldagblad interview

Financieeldagblad interview: Last day I got a question if someone from the financialdagblad could intervieuw me! Well he did and its published today. seriosly proud. Hope you enyou reading altough its in dutch! click here to read! Greetings Noa Strijbos


Panic Mode in the market 50% deposite bonus

Panic Mode in the market: Well as you have seen the market went in panic mode after China issues! Yesterday we did see a big sell of all over the markets. Euro stocks where losing more than 8% in a…

EUR/USD Noa strijbos market update

EUR/USD Noa Strijbos market update: Good Morning all! Well as you have seen I was little less online because I was on vacation and in the position I’m in its not a good idea to be screaming that from a…

Hello All how boring is the market?

Hello All how boring is the market? Not sure it looks thats not moving to much!! All waiting to what the fed will do… And we are not sure what they re plan is. So we need to wait… and…

FOMC with no Rate Hike no suprise

FOMC with no Rate Hike no suprise: So today we have hade the FOMC with no rate hike and labour market nearly balanced. With solid job gains and les UNEMPLOYMENT. So all in all not so much change! I’m stil…


noa strijbos etoro meetup

Hello All, Noa Strijbos etoro meetup. I was in London for the meetup and it was Awesome!! I met Yoni in person the CEO I love his bitcoin strategy… James helped me a lot starting up my talk … I…


Noa Strijbos in CITY AM

Noa Strijbos in CITY AM I wrote something for the CITY AM. Feel Free to read: Greetings Noa Strijbos


Good Morning From Noa Strijbos

Good Morning from Noa Strijbos today will be a slow day for trading on the otherhand we have still Greece to watch out for. Next week open will most likely be the most unpredictable for this year… And there we…

etoro traders network event Noa Strijbos

Etoro traders network event: I will be atending to this event. So I hope to see some of you there? Im exited anyway!! etoro traders network event Greetings Noa Strijbos

Update social trading

Good Morning all!! Here an update socialtrading As you have seen we made some profits. In these market where the situation is getting out of hand with Greece there lot of rumors about all sort of things. But if you…