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Germany News DOWNGRADE it RECORD low Deutsche BANK!!

Germany News DOWNGRADE it RECORD low Deutsche BANK!! German pmi number are worse than expected and ooh Deutsche Bank $db is on record low doesn’t look good! While French pmi are better than expected Europe is still having problems and I’m short $Euro/usd BIG time!!! And yes I;m bearish on Europe banks all together. Now […]

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stocks trading update

STOCKS TRADING UPDATE STOCKS TRADING UPDATE Well we did a great recovery I CANNOT HELP IT I LOVE LOW DROWNS NO DROWNS AT ALL BIG RECOVERY BIg GREEN Equity real profits. Super risk management and I cannot help to be proud to have you all on board…with Me!! Some of you already for 6 Years… […]

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stocks rally on good earnings

trade market update

$BAYN.DE Is down so much!!! Roundup problems all over the place if that stuff is the reasons persons get cancer than its over for you… Since its a horrible decease and nobody wants you even if you clean up some weeds ugh!! ..And I shorted the stock big time!!! Indexes up in Europe $EUSTX50 $GER30 […]

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Stockmarket Update

Stockmarket Update Europe down again France Ger The volatility in the $Eur/usd is back which means money is there to be made… And I’m on it!! And all who copy me for 6 years know where the 636%Profit from 2014 came from! What does this mean well it means there more opportunities in the pair […]

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forex pair eur/usd going down

Eur/USD forex pair going down Good Morning here we are Its time for my favorite pair again $EURUSD I love it when drawdown ticks away in big ticks 🙂 Thank you for youre trust to copy me FOR so long and THANK YOU for loving the POSSSTTT. Again feel free to share and if […]

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Golden cross in trading

What is a golden cross in trading Its a popular signal that is seen by a wide public as a bullish signal and therefore supported by high trading volumes and therefore supported by a strong buy momentum How does it look: The 50 day moving average crosses the 200 day Moving average The opposite of […]

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