Should You Trade Forex on Holidays?

As a forex trader, you probably want to make the most of every opportunity to accumulate pips in a favorable direction. You might be tempted to trade on holidays if only to avoid incurring commissions for deferring transactions. But is it worth it?  You should not trade forex on holidays. The analysis is more difficult … Read more

Why Do Stock Prices Change Before the Pre-market?

Stock prices change for many reasons, and they can fluctuate greatly when trading volume is high. Oftentimes, prices change during normal trading hours, but these changes can also happen before pre-market hours. So why do stock prices change before the pre-market? Stock prices change before the pre-market because people can trade at any time of … Read more

Can the Forex Market Be Predicted?

It’s no surprise that the forex market allures every finance novice. Its daily turnover above $6 trillion is the highest, and many have become millionaires from trading currency pairs. But how do they forecast the market to be so profitable and can the forex market even be predicted? The forex market can be predicted by … Read more

Does Warren Buffett Use Technical Analysis?

Considered the guru of investment strategies, Warren Buffett has decades of experience teaching and writing about the best ways to invest your money. As someone interested in investment techniques, you may be wondering if Warren Buttett personally uses technical analysis as an investment strategy. Warren Buffett does not use technical analysis. He used to use … Read more

Is Fundamental Analysis Needed for Swing Trading?

Swing trading is a high-risk, high-reward form of trading that requires incredible patience and the ability to predict prices using a certain type of analysis. One of these is called fundamental analysis. But is fundamental analysis needed for swing trading? Traders use fundamental analysis for swing trading, but it is not necessary. Technical analysis is … Read more

Is Trading Forex Considered a Gamble?

Many uneducated and inexperienced forex traders consider forex trading as nothing more than gambling. In any case, forex trading requires you to bet a currency’s price to either go up or down. Does this process equate trading forex to gambling? Trading forex is not considered a gamble if you know what you’re doing. Forex trading … Read more

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