Big new High 12-01-2018

Big new High 12-01-2018

Noasnoas update:
Yes where going really strong now!
Its going so well that it was really time to close some really nice positions on profit some 64% and yes I could have trail those longer but There coming more opportunities this year and we need some cash to get in those trends!
Also I do not want to get my riskscore higher!

As you have seen I have some gold positions and oil those are not that big but will be important. All the Europe trades are well there to be more diversified and also Europe is getting in better shape anyway.
At the moment I really advice a minimum of 400 to copy with since where growing fast and this makes sure you get all my trades.

For those who do not know it yet… I will not trade crypto currency’s on this account anymore since so many of you where asking me not to! I also think that we do not need to be exposed to it since we have enough opportunities to make money with…. Yes I did some hardcore analyzing as the old days 4500 copyrs and a AUM OF 4.2 MIL!! and We will get back there 🙂 you can see it in the pefomrmance as it should!!

I do want to Thank my oldest copyrs I mean you are awesome sticking with me and having respect for my situation when I was in the hospital also Knowing that I was open about it and now the patient once it is paying of as I promised… I;m a responsible trader and At that moment I did the only right thing for all my copyers and that was reducing risk like crazy and that resulted also in a 2.47% loss that year, but that’s how things go and I told you I would come back And now we can see I’m Back 🙂 and do again the only right thing…. Get profits like I can with some real inhuman patients!!

I’m also very aware of the fact we could be on the end of a bull cycle and therefore I’m also very careful to be right possitiond!

So Yes we Go on slow safe steady and aiming for lots of profits!!!
just a sidenote: i thinkthis platform by far the the best platform for beginners

I want to wish you all a great day Greetings Noa Strijbos

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