Covid19 is speeding up amazing trends in Amazon!

Covid19 is speeding up amazing trends in Amazon!

We had some slow months but sometimes you see I prepare for the bigger moves to come… This is all part of trading you need to know when you’re good at things with the right mindset and all those other important things ….. Trading is not always easy. And when its not easy sometimes I go to full money and risk management… But you all know by now when big trends are there Im at my best (an than I make a lot )and in ranging markets risk reward is just not in you’re favor.. The thing that is hard now is that the pandemic like this is new to the world in the proportions there in now.. Corona covid19 its draining on the life of all humanity and animals to.

But what do we know about those crises?? Processes will speed up!! Like insane trends who where there in place already will be getting boosted like insane also the world will get more efficient … And I hope since Im a woman and mother it also will give more freedom to woman to work and be there more for there children and make no mistake I do hope that to for the fathers to and most of all for the kids out there!!!

Back to trading… Well where preparing for some bigger moves as I sad… In the above things will speed up… Like yeah there is a reason why Amazon is doing good the one that will make things more efficient and is also my favorite for this year!! And maybe for more than one year is … DOCU!! For many many reasons… I mean yeah talk about efficient

What else well we are having some reits in there that pay dividends and are fairly stable not perfect but they give us cashflow anyway….

Wish you a GREAT WEEKEND and we go on slow safe steady and aiming for lots of profits!

Greetings Noa

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