Draghi talks the EUR/USD down

Draghi talks the EUR/USD down:

It was a good week for us!
Yes Draghi was talking the Euro down and the US data was good!

The account is in good shape and starting to pick up profits.

This is how I trade sometimes its slow but it always picks up. Market conditions cannot stay the same forever 🙂
And well I never break my trading rules. You can trust me on that 🙂

So I know copying me requires patients and trust I want to sai thank you for those who have that with me 🙂

Patients is one of the most important things for me to trade in profits.
Its also one of the hardest to not make concessions to 🙂 like the $Euro/used trade that was a frustrating one being in a range like that.

Well that said I will not forget the most important thing: I wish you all a great weekend en we go on like always: slow safe steady and with lots of profits.

Greetings Noa Strijbos

One thought on “Draghi talks the EUR/USD down”

  1. I want to tell you something in view of last year’s earnings there are more than 500% were fantastic profits or this year, they are very weak to me as an investor I want to work the deposit of money and I’m working copy you a large sum and I want to know you will be the way you work in the future and thank you please explain .

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