Elections financial markets Trading!

bussy times oin the markets and who I like those… We have elections and also economic numbers who ere super inportant! just wanted to let you know I will be watching and having alerts on my phone So whaterver happends I will be trading trough it and we will be fine!! Its bin since the start of trading that I trade those situatiions very well ( I keep a trading journal and I know exactly where I make the most money and it what situation,.,. ) this is not th same for all traders believe me ITS NOT! i’m not a robot and I can do certain things better than others. Others can do other things better than me… Its just knowing what you can do and than put odds in youre fafour like there is no tommorow 🙂 Risk and money manegment are super important to ,… but believe me if you have the right trading ideas and great odds you can make a shit load of mistakes.

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