End of cycles end of year

End of cycles end of year

So Yes end of cycles is somewhere near I m watching all important stuff on that!! Follow only the important things and not the busssss! (AS YOU KNOW I IGNORE THAT https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/trading-tip-ignore-mainstream-media-much-can/ )

We have got downtrends we have sector rotations and ecenomic numbers are staying strong so a lot before end of the year! And for those who believe in bitcoin blabla I would never trade it 🙂 It could be that I go hunt for more value and lower movements so yes I told you it would be a wild ride:) and it was and it will continue for a while if I really think the crash is there well that’s going to b some time for us… Since we also can short.

So wish you all on that note a Great Sunday!

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