Euro dollar dropping like a stone

Euro dollar dropping like a stone!

Good Morning all!
Here a little update!

Last week was a good week for us since the EUR/USD was dropping like a stone. This was triggered by the NFP that came out better than expected and in my opinion al in all Euro weakness.

We are now for this year on 40% profit wise and My guess is that we end the year with more than 40% although there no guarantees ofcorse.
But lets see how the marke devolves.

As How the account looks well It looks good and we have room for more positions if I see fit.

I want again thank you all for you’re trust to copy me And being her with me.

Noa Strijbos
Noa Strijbos

Join me Here on my journey invest 100 dollars and enyou the profits we make:

We go on Slow Safe and Steady with lots of profits.



  • Hi Noa,
    After a quiet “not so fun” experience with copying other traders i found you and are copying since a few months now. I’m very proud of your way of trading and your risk/reward management.
    When i see friends interested in trading i tell them to follow you and they will go for “Slow and Steady profits” as you say so well.
    Have an excellent evening and once again all my respect.
    Kind regards,

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