EUR/USD Noa strijbos market update

EUR/USD Noa Strijbos market update:

Good Morning all!
Well as you have seen I was little less online because I was on vacation and in the position I’m in its not a good idea to be screaming that from a roof!!!
So I did Trade anyway although not that active but we made some profits. Also this week we see some more normal behavior of the EURO/USD pair so this is a good thing!
Rate HIke can still happen in September although we never know.
The thing that’s going on in China is not that good for the Euro either and than we have the condition in Greece and than I do not mean the Financial state. As Merkel does have concerns and even calls it a bigger problem than Greeks financial problem. Ugh!
So lot of things to consider when trading and Well I do like those conditions!
Apparently some app is trying to duplicate my trading strategy and well let me tell you thats completly impossibal since all is done manualy and nobody knows my strategy I told nobody about it 🙂 so to all of them out there claiming to be able to trade my strategy or be able to duplicate my strategy Its not posisibal and stop pretending you can. If persons want to take advangdage of my trading they should just copy me only here:  NOA STRIJBOS COPY TRADE ME HERE
Since I do get lot of positive feedback about my posts here about I will post more regularly my thinking of the market! Please feel free to subscribe to the blog you will get the post including important updates immediately!
Please feel free to share or comment on this post!!
Be aware of the fact  that the best way to contact me is with this website or email or skype!!
Thanks all Wish you a great day!
Greetings Noa Strijbos


  • Buon Pomeriggio Noa
    piacere di conoscerti :))

    Ti copio da circa 2 settimane e mi piace molto il tuo modo
    di investire sei molto brava hai sicuramente una buona strategia e continuerò a copia te.
    Ora stò cercando di trovare una mia strategia per investire e fare profitti ….. Accetto consigli 😀
    Ti Auguro una Buona Giornata Noa
    Good Afternoon Noa
    nice to meet you :))

    I copy it from about two weeks and I really like the way you
    to invest you’re very good definitely a good strategy and will continue to copy you.
    Now I’m trying to find my own strategy to invest and make profits ….. I accept tips if you can: D
    Thank you
    I wish you a nice day Noa

    • Hi!

      Thanks a lot for youre comment! And thank you for youre compliment! And the translation in engllish is so helpfull since my itilian is not good at al 🙂

      Greetings Noa

  • perdona la mia traduzione in Inglese so che non è molto buona 🙂
    ma uso il traduttore di Google non è perfetto ^__^
    forgive my translation in English I know that is not very good 🙂
    but I use the Google translator is not perfect ^ __ ^

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