stocks rally on good earnings

financial markets volitility is high

Volitility is high financial markets markets are mixed economic data long therm not lloking good all oin all be on youre Guard!! At least Im portefilio looks good but could be i make changes needed accordinaly as you see real astete is now pefomring well where well defecified and ready to do the things we need to do when we need to! on that note best peformances …

$shop $ma $AAPL $O $V $db yes im short that $PG $maa $eqr wich posting new highs recently! $SPY $PX500 $XLK $XLF $XLE $XLK $EUSTX50 $GER30 $ndz/usd $usd/cad $gbp/usd $dj30 $china50 $nasdaq100 $uk100 $oil $gold

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