stocks rally on good earnings

financial news and trading update

financial news and trading update

Yes there is so much to do now… With the economic data how it is… A rotation to value… Big gainers like $PG taking over. $EUR/usd down like a stone again… Planning to ride that like a horse that never wants to stop running 🙂 And we all know I know how to do that! Also a big thing in the portfolio that matters is now where more positioned in real estate since I think that sector looks good now! Less volatile and god returns Also I’m waiting to see some conformations in some data that will come out in couple of days…. So Yes I’m very active in the back… Making sure where well positioned for the next couple of months! All in all where looking good for the year and also looking to end the year the same!!

Wish you all a great trading week
And we go on slow safe steady aiming for lots of profits!

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