Financial news the Most important thing this week

Financial news the Most important thing this week

Hi all

Draghi is telling us something …. “We now expect the key interest rates to remain at their present levels trough the end of 2019”
Translation…. Euro you’re ….. I’m not going to put that word on my blog but you get the idea!!!
But will put my money where my mind is 🙂

So well that was the easy part of all the analyzing for this week….
At the moment going over some new fresh trading ideas like always weekends are busy as a trader.

The account looks good the adjustments I made are working fine and I do expect them to continue and I wiladjust accordingly but I will also protect or downside a lot with as needed hedges or getting out of trades a little more early as I do not want to get risk on when things are unclear so if you see trades with 1% profits you know why!! This is not wrongly trading but adjusting risk properly!! AND so important to do in waters where in now!

So things will go faster pase smaller profit taking but I will….. YES …I WILL RUN THE GOOD TRADES for AS LONG Is my inhuman patients will let me!!! Sometimes this can mean a long time 🙂

On that note Wish you all a great weekend And we go on slow safe Steady and aiming for lots of profits

Greetings Noa Strijbos

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