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stocks rally on good earnings
stocks rally on good earnings

I did short $tesla having casflow problems in terms of spending is a sign for trouble …but Make no mistake I like tesla cars I like the determination and pioneer vision from elon musk So markets down what you do… well I raised cash this for taking risk of the table and to be flexible currency trades $eur/usd $gbp/usd $aud/usd are

woking fine and best performer is $shop and its not going to stop!! $UA $v $axp $ma also strong penance and less risk on the downside when markets s behave the do now! $db still not looking good and is my best short in the portfolio now!
On that note wish you al a great day.. In the weekend I will post the Deatcross post as promised you asked for it since you liked the goldencross post so nice you let me know and that I can help!

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