FOMC FED care’s about Global risk

FOMC FED care’s about Global risk:

The global risks and the inflation has made the Fed did not race the rates.
It was expected somehow with current conditions on inflation but what was not that clear was the fact that it looked like they really care about the global risk and that this is a factor in there decision to. They do see the labor market conditions in prove. Which is a important factor for them.

It’s very important and believe me we are in a very unique not sort of seen before situation in the market..(world) But this is the time to be conservative. Not aggressive!! And believe me I can be trading fast and aggressive if the conditions are there.
But now this year we break record after record and we have so much uncertainty every where that the need to be prepared for evything. And copy me means you need to trust my decisions. I showed I can make a lot of money and I will do it again. For now a more conservative protecting capital approach is needed. Don’t forget there persons with 50.000 dollars invested in me and there is a lot of aum under me it’s a responsible I do not take lightly. And for those who copy with 125 dollar I don’t take it lightly either. For some persons 125 dollars is a lot in there live for others 50.000 is lot. Be aware that if trading conditions stay this way there is a plan in place but we need to see how the market develops. I do want to let you know I’m on it but I rather make wise decisions than gable my money or other persons money away.

I do want like always tell my older copyers THANK you for being here and have faith Help me on my wall and thanks for the private massages I get in my inbox email and linked in. You’re great and I mean that!!
Noa strijbos

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