Hello All how boring is the market?

Hello All how boring is the market?

Not sure it looks thats not moving to much!!

All waiting to what the fed will do…

And we are not sure what they re plan is.

So we need to wait… and wait some more.

The oil and corelated pairs are not in a good place at the moment not that we trade it but its something thats pointing out in the market so that’s why I mention it.

Friday is an important day for us due the NFP! So i wll be on my computer watching the rates.. I do not expecct much movement  before friday so will be sort of boring i gues…



  • hello, thanks for the blog post, I have one small question about the USDCAD pair, in your opinion will it go up or down on the next days ? Thank you

    • Thank you for reading the blog post! I do not trade the usd/cad pair And alos I’m not a day trader 🙂 so I would not dare you to advice about euro/cad in a timeframe of cople of day’s Usealy day trading is not that profitble longher therm. Altough lot of robots want you to believe that.

      Wish you great day greetings Noa Strijbos

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