Inflation on the rise

Inflation on the rise

inflation on the rise Therefore some are talking about 4 rate hikes possible.So all-in all intresting and As always I will be watching close!

In the mean time the volitility did come down and where looking fors ome good entry points!

But Now more than ever fundemental vieuws are most important and As Always I do my work on that first!! Witch is a long grind lately!

So I’m confedent all play out! And about the account Since some of you really where on the wrong time of copying witch made them more in drawdown than me please have pataints we will al be fine and please

understand since now I just have 2 trades open the real good part is that youre now in synchronization with me and that believe me that is a good thing!!

I’m also looking for ways to make sure this doesnt happen in the future…. Believe me trading is not hard but making things makeing work out for all copyers thats the hard part and as you all know I always find a way!!!

So on that note I do want to wish you a great Day!!!

Best read stil


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