Its that week of the month!

And this month it is important!
There is in fact a lot of data that is coming out that will be important as we ride in the slow motion summer volatility!
I already have some trade on as preparation and will be doing a shit ton more research but first get the data.

So in the mean time where building out the INcome Dividend part of the portfolio and that will be possibly producing weekly dividends this is in the making and not operating in full! But It is a work in process and we will get there!

You can now follow me on twitter n_socialtrading but you should definitely follow me on bitclout @noastrijbos Also you can get in contact with me there if you like!

PLease also let me kknow if you have questions And we go on slow safe steady AIMING for lots of profits

Wish you a Great day

Noa Strijbos
bitclout @noastrijbos

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