JC penny filing bankruptcy fear greed trading account is important

JC penny filing bankruptcy fear greed trading account is important

Well this as I said before …a Weird world driven by fear…. You know the saying the stock market is driven By Fear and greed… So there is where and why the big moves are here!!!

I do see more and more persons on the platform saying that they are suprsed and also saying that the traders here are taking to much risk and also.,.. Well advocate you should value invest… In great companies….( see headline ) well some of those great companies are now in need of saving…. And well to be honest value investing is a good long term strategy if you invest ( II would not buy any companies now… Lots of time to do it when this fear drive market is over and calmed down… Which will take time.. )

And well Im always saying investing and trading are different things…. AND BOTH ARE IMPORTANT>>. I mean my trading account looks good this year my investing accounts,… Not so much (which is fine since its just getting massive dividends payouts,,, )

I mean when the best value investor is decreasing positions or selling there whole stake in companies…and Also NOT BUYING ANYTING>>>> I mean really you should not buy now… With the exception you just start out you’re investment portefoilio,,. but even than… look here one of the experts… https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/berkshire-annual-meeting-2020-highlitings/

On that note YES I’m focusd oon my trading portefolio!
On another note YES wish you an asome weekend…and Im qluued fixated on the screens doing my in the back analyzing thing… that makes money…


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