Market Lockup and my added value

Thank you al copy’s who are with me for Years!
Some new persons on the platform are sort of rude and I want to make a point clear…

I mean some persons are saying that only copy’s before march would made money with me and exerly advancing to put all in sp indexwell let me tell you this…. Which is real value ,,..when The market drops like in march I was up 33% While the whole world stopped markets where diving down massively we where up… I mean its the perfect hedge against market drops at time when all sort of persons places businesses need CASH And that my friend is the real added value for copy’s when they copy me! Because I know how to trade crashes keep drawdown low at all times!!! And when the whole world dives we are up… Reason is that When this is happening the markets the whole world needs cash and cashflow and I recognize that and trade that way! Because the worst thing you can be in… In a cherishes is a MARKET LOCKUP!

So sorry for that statement but For me Its absolutely important to trade be able to trade trough a crises and now how to profit from it instead follow the drawdown crashes of the sp500 !

On that note we go on slow safe steady aiming for lots of profits!
Noa strijbos

Noa Strijbos

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