Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas All
And as each year I want to give you a update on where we are and where we go! But first I want to take a moment to thank all my copyers who stayed with me some of you copying me already from 2014 and I’m honored to have real contact with a lot of you by email (best way) my website facebook skype etc. BIg Thank you for you’re trust and patients witch is both required to copy me and let me do what I can do best. Thanks to all my new copyers for you’re trust and please understand the way I trade takes patant since Im not a day trader and I will never be one!

Now where are we… Where good! But lot of improvements coming up!
To sum op performance noasnoas up above 12% f you want to join minimum is 350 dollars!! stocksnoasnoas Great performance 46.% minimum is 250 dollars but most are invested with 1.500 Noascopyfund 9% which is they most riskadjusted and professional approach portfolio taking hedging out risk as much we can perfect for bigger portfolios minimum of 5000 is advice to get all the trades.
the noascopyfund and stocksnoasnoas are both traded without drowns which is ofcorse something Im really proud of so all is net equity profits!! This means all my copyers who where joining in the beginning of the year have net profits in equity!
I also made some adjustments witch are in line with some more diversification.. And yes I do trade some crypto currency but I trade those really small so the risk is not that high!

Where we go!
On noansoas I expect next year that we will do great really Im continuing the last 3 months of this year which hade a around 7% + on average so target at least 50% for the year coming!!!
stocksnoasnoas is targeting a 20% return but as you can see we passed that this year with big numbers 🙂 I’m planning to create cash for copyers by taking out money so there will be a monthly dividend for copyers witch you can distribute how you like..
noascopyfund has a target of 9% but the main perpuse of this portfolio is to be invested in the market while hedging out risk as much we can!! s o surely not for every one! if you want to join please understand I will be starting trading on jan 2 fresh!!! so all trades will be closed out and reopened on 2 jan so best to join on 1 jan!

Now some things to mention in my Etoro Experience
For those who understand Im a real persons and ask how me and my daughter are doing Where are doing awesome now ….and Thank you for asking me it makes me feel human!
The most read post on my website is:

Persons I like to mention I did mention the staff of etoro but Well Im here for my copyers and I like some persons on openbook!
@linawansons I mean you’re awesome on openbook and I thank you for reasons you know!!!!
The whiteboys LOL I expect you all to read this and reply something 🙂

Than whole lot more persons but I will get to you all in private!!!! Please be patient because there so many of you to cover But I will get to you!!

If you have questions please ask on openbook my website or mail me you can find it on my website! And you’re welcome to wish me a merry Christmas!!!


  • Please do not do the dividend thing.
    I believe that it is best to leave it to copiers to remove when they need to remove, but its best (also for your AUM) to not offer dividends or else it messes up the stats.

    I think maybe a message when you think is a good time to remove will get some copiers to cash in some dividends but I don’t think that you should go ahead with that plan.

    I’m ready to discuss this further if you want 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


    • Hi! thank you for contacting me on my webpage! Its just for the stocksnoasnoas account the copy dividents do you copy me on that account?

      And I’m very Happy to discuss further and open for ideas I’m doing this for my copyers so please lets have some more contact!

  • Hello Noa,

    No I only copy the noasnoas account on eToro.

    The reason I don’t like receiving dividends is that it actually reduces the amount I use to copy and therefore impacts the balance/risk of the whole portfolio.

    Plus maybe it is because I am meticulous and it impacts the stats in my portfolio too.

    You can check out my account and strategy on eToro: Name is Hikoska. Let me know what you think! 🙂


    • Thanks for asking me Here!!
      The copy dividents are only for the stock stocksnoasnoas account so it will not effect you at all!! I will check youre profile today and get back to you!!
      Thanks to ask me here!! Speak to you soon!

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