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I did short $tesla having casflow problems in terms of spending is a sign for trouble …but Make no mistake I like tesla cars I like the determination and pioneer vision from elon musk So markets down what you do… well I raised cash this for taking risk of the table and to be flexible currency trades $eur/usd $gbp/usd $aud/usd are

woking fine and best performer is $shop and its not going to stop!! $UA $v $axp $ma also strong penance and less risk on the downside when markets s behave the do now! $db still not looking good and is my best short in the portfolio now!
On that note wish you al a great day.. In the weekend I will post the Deatcross post as promised you asked for it since you liked the goldencross post so nice you let me know and that I can help!



Last week’s market had something for both the bears and the bulls, but the bulls won out again. The stock market was at a similar and even more important inflection point in early May (The Bull & Bear Tug Of War – Who Is Winning?) as the A/D lines were close to completing their corrections.The higher volatility in 2018 was expected to favor active, rather than passive, investors, but so far that has not been the case.  According to Bloomberg, in June, only 47% of large-cap funds beat the benchmarks, down from 52% in May.

Much of the poor performance of stock-pickers in 2018 can be attributed to the weak performance of the financial sector. The Financial Sector Select (XLF) is down 3.7% YTD, compared to the 4.1% gain in the Spyder Trust (SPY), which tracks the S&P 500.

Since the May lows, the divergences between the various market sectors have become even more pronounced.  The small-cap iShares Russell 2000 (IWM) has been leading the market since March, and is up 9.4% since the May lows, compared to a decline of 0.93% in the XLF.

The large-cap stocks have also lagged in the past two months, as the SPDR Dow Industrials (DIA) is up just 2.3%, less than half the gain in the SPY. It was thе rеlаtіvе реrfоrmаnсе (RS) аnаlуѕіѕ іn еаrlу Junе that іndісаtеd DIA was going to bе wеаkеr thаn the SPY. For many years, RS analysis has been an important method of identifying the strongest and weakest ETFs or stocks.  This type of analysis was the basis for my bullish outlook on the healthcare sector a few weeks ago.

Many are hoping that the upcoming earnings season will revive the financial sector, as JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Citigroup (C), and Wells Fargo (WFC) all report before the open on Friday, July 13. It seems like more than three months since they have reported, and even though JPM beat earnings expectations on April 11, the stock peaked that day at $114.11 and closed Friday at $104.06, down 8.8% from the high.

It has been a tough year for earnings, as many stocks that have exceeded the consensus expectations for earnings and revenues have still dropped sharply.  Based on the latest survey from the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII), only 27.9% of individual investors are bullish, with 39.3% bearish. The strong market action last week, along with the low level of bullishness, is a positive sign for the markets, showing many investors are still on the sidelines.

Guidance has become more significant in the last couple years, so even if you get a big beat on revenue and EPS, if the company suggests that the future is not so bright, the stock might fall off the cliff anyway.

Ultimately it all comes down to the market and valuation. Earnings reports are the market’s opportunity to reprice some stock based on old data and the company’s suggestions about the future. In the days following the report, as the market digests it, people move in or out according to their convictions and the stock price moves commensurately as people execute.

stocks rally on good earnings
stocks rally on good earnings



The Saudi’s $500 billion mega-city NEOM is attracting ‘overwhelming’ interest from investors all over the world. With ambitious plans to transform its economy as part of the crown prince’s Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is hoping to boost foreign direct investment (FDI).

The $500 billion industrial zone of NEOM is one of Saudi Arabia’s mega-projects that it hopes will bring in billions from foreign investors.The ambitious 26,500 square kilometer business zone will link Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan and is envisaged as a futuristic hub for both industry and citizens. It aims to embrace digital technologies and services to make the city a major commercial location in the Middle East.


Ibrahim Al-Omar, governor of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), said foreign direct investment (FDI) was growing in Saudi Arabia. “We have seen a growth for foreign investment — about 50 percent comparing the first quarter this year to the same period last year. Also, the (FDI) inflows we have seen about 40 percent,” said by Al-Omar.
He further said,”We have a target to be number 20 in the rankings of the ease of doing business by 2020. We are working with the World Bank and best practice across the world and we have identified over 400 reforms. Today, we have achieved about 40 percent of them”.

Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation strategy, the much-vaunted Vision 2030 that’s being driven by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aims to increase FDI into Saudi Arabia from 3.8 percent to the international level of 5.7 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

Promoting the kingdom as a nation that’s “open for business,” the strategy also aims for Saudi to rise from its current position of 25 to the top 10 countries on the Global Competitiveness Index. In addition, Vision 2030 aims to increase the private sector’s contribution from 40 percent to 65 percent of GDP.
Officials hope a privatization program, including the sale of 5 percent of oil giant Saudi Aramco, will raise $300 billion to help fund the creation of NEOM, which is under construction, and that more money will be invested by the private sector.

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