NFP noa strijbos personal update


Hi all, NFP Today we have the NFP!

Please be aware next week I will be off the grid and mostlikely not in openbook facebook twitter or replying emails. From Monday I’m going to be busy deliver a baby wonder in the world! I will be watching the account incase anything happened I will address it. So hope to talk to you all in a week from now and expect me if al goes well …(in a week from now) I will be trading again like I used to the account is in good shape to speed up. I will keep you all updated as much I can. But as nice and understanding you are all…( if I read all your massages on facebook and emails really thank you for all congratulations and support ) please understand I need some time for the family. And as you all know me I will be trading like always when Im back in a week!!!!
Wish you all a great day greetings Noa!


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