noa strijbos etoro meetup

Hello All,

Noa Strijbos etoro meetup.
I was in London for the meetup and it was Awesome!!

I met Yoni in person the CEO I love his bitcoin strategy… James helped me a lot starting up my talk … I was just so scared to start 🙂 Annie was there in real she is as nice as she is on openbook 🙂 I hade a great time it was really nice to meet the etoro staff and also my copyers…….. Again thank you for you’re trust and patients!
I met fallond who is a charting king 🙂 and also a really nice persons happy to meet you!

Well well I was scared for the speech I had to do but when I was talking all of you where so nice I just forget the time 🙂 so the 15 min where 40 whoeps sorry…. I wont forget the applause by the way was really coming as a surprise to me 🙂 Thank you!

Although I do not like football as much as the London standard I did love the westham foorbal game and the chocolate cake I think we all loved that part LOL.

I met the whiteboysss You are really awesome If I do decide one time in my life to teach what I do you will be the fist if you’re interested at least!! And be prepared for sume sort of swerfball challenge…

I do also have to tell Richard thank you for you’re trust to copy me and helping me getting less nervous in the 15 min talk we hade ooh or I think that one was also longer….

So I think this weekend shows socialtrading at its best. And I liked it!!
ooh wheel and my English I know its bad and its a really good think I trade better than I writhe English….


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