Noa Strijbos new week comming

Noa Strijbos New week comming:

Yes a new week is coming last week was all a relcoaster!
The facebook issue made me angrybut the interview posted was the highlight ofcorse which Im still very proud of! Read it here:

What about the account: Well I will resume trading next week! Like I always do!!

What abou the market….

Friday will be sort of very important NFP just always love that day!
Last week was a very good week for the dollar reaching multi-weeks highs against most rivals.

Also Greece is not out of the picture last Friday the report showed Greeks have pulled €5.6bn out of their accounts last month, so bank deposited are at their lowest level since 2004!

The ECB will also play his roll like always.
They may accelerate the purchases. Which will effect the Euro.

All in all interesting week ahead!

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  1. Trying to contact you to ask questions about my investment with you on HotForex but have not received a reply. What is the best way to contact you???

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