Noa Strijbos

Noa Strijbos

Noa Strijbos is maybe the most known retail trader that has a proffesional aproch she trades the special noasnoas strategy! With good money magement and on a slow and steady pace aiming for lots of profits. You can join me here!

Performance 2014 total profit of 597%

Perfomance 2015: total proft 40% updated 24-11-2015

Perfomance 2016: -2.56 %

Perfomance 2017: so far 10.89%

When youre looking to contact me:

Mail: ( its the fast way)




7 thoughts on “Noa Strijbos”

  1. Dear Noa,

    I’m interested to invest in eToro amounted USD 500, how much stop loss should I charge? Does the deposit bonus still available?

    Thank you

    1. Hi well the real story is!

      If you would have copyed in the beginning on 2014 only 50 dollars you would have end of 2014 500 dollars in youre account.

      If you would have kept going you would now have more than 800 dollars at this moment.

      If you copyd me with 10.000 k than end would have hade 50.000 dollars and if you would have stayd it would have bin now 84.000 dollars.

      So I’m not sure what youre reffer to…

      1. If you would have from the start 50.000 dollars invested you would be having Now 375.000 dollars!!

        Just to give you some numbers!

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