Opportunities is always there in trading

Opportunities is always there in trading!

So opportunity in trading is always there sometimes more than other times.

Sometimes you need to ignore the media and look at facts and look at facts in company’s $apl is moving away from China Market is crashing which is a indicator that matters, Some nbig company’s telling persons should work from home $micro $amz Profit warnings are there (those are important to)

Al in all big moves … the vol rising so fast is never happened before ( and than I mean the speed in this short timetable) So we can have big moves in the portfolio and that could be a really bumpy ride …. HEre you need patients and trust that I can handle it… Persons now are saying that s&p has same vol as $bitcoin Well there wrong! Its almost half and not even that you know again check facts if you’re a good trader you know how to calculate atr 🙂

im short airlines to be net short and also to be making sure that we can build up in a very good way you see sometimes I prepare for things upfront like Now I mean working on the clock in the back!

vOn that note wish you all a GREAT GREAT WEEKEND~!

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