Hello All how boring is the market?

Hello All how boring is the market?

Not sure it looks thats not moving to much!!

All waiting to what the fed will do…

And we are not sure what they re plan is.

So we need to wait… and wait some more.

The oil and corelated pairs are not in a good place at the moment not that we trade it but its something thats pointing out in the market so that’s why I mention it.

Friday is an important day for us due the NFP! So i wll be on my computer watching the rates.. I do not expecct much movementย  before friday so will be sort of boring i gues…


FOMC with no Rate Hike no suprise

FOMC with no Rate Hike no suprise:

So today we have hade the FOMC with no rate hike and labour market nearly balanced. With solid job gains and les UNEMPLOYMENT.

So all in all not so much change!

I’m stil bearish on the Euro/Usd Pair for lot of reasons!

Its also vacations time what is comming up so all in all very boring ๐Ÿ™‚

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Greetings Noa Strijbos

noa strijbos etoro meetup

Hello All,

Noa Strijbos etoro meetup.
I was in London for the meetup and it was Awesome!!

I met Yoni in person the CEO I love his bitcoin strategy… James helped me a lot starting up my talk … I was just so scared to start ๐Ÿ™‚ Annie was there in real she is as nice as she is on openbook ๐Ÿ™‚ I hade a great time it was really nice to meet the etoro staff and also my copyers…….. Again thank you for you’re trust and patients!
I met fallond who is a charting king ๐Ÿ™‚ and also a really nice persons happy to meet you!

Well well I was scared for the speech I had to do but when I was talking all of you where so nice I just forget the time ๐Ÿ™‚ so the 15 min where 40 whoeps sorry…. I wont forget the applause by the way was really coming as a surprise to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

Although I do not like football as much as the London standard I did love the westham foorbal game and the chocolate cake I think we all loved that part LOL.

I met the whiteboysss You are really awesome If I do decide one time in my life to teach what I do you will be the fist if you’re interested at least!! And be prepared for sume sort of swerfball challenge…

I do also have to tell Richard thank you for you’re trust to copy me and helping me getting less nervous in the 15 min talk we hade ooh or I think that one was also longer….

So I think this weekend shows socialtrading at its best. And I liked it!!
ooh wheel and my English I know its bad and its a really good think I trade better than I writhe English….


Noa Strijbos in CITY AM

Noa Strijbos in CITY AM

I wrote something for the CITY AM. Feel Free to read:


Greetings Noa Strijbos

Good Morning From Noa Strijbos

Good Morning from Noa Strijbos

today will be a slow day for trading on the otherhand we have still Greece to watch out for. Next week open will most likely be the most unpredictable for this year… And there we will have another record broken ๐Ÿ™‚

for a trader this year is so interesting and different from all other years… Its not even normal…. But I like it!!

So many records are broken this year you ask yourself… Is this the new standard ๐Ÿ™‚

So the account is as safe as it can be for now.. So ready for when the market opens!!!

I do wish you a great day with slow safe steady and lots of profits.


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etoro traders network event Noa Strijbos

Etoro traders network event:

I will be atending to this event. So I hope to see some of you there?

Im exited anyway!!

etoro traders network event

Greetings Noa Strijbos

Update social trading

Good Morning all!!

Here an update socialtrading
As you have seen we made some profits.

In these market where the situation is getting out of hand with Greece there lot of rumors about all sort of things. But if you look at the facts we can sai that with this situation the Euro zone is not in a good place now!

I know some of you where surprised about the Euro rise after that big fall!! Well market is moving and traders in the stock market are also selling of Euro investments. This will take some time.

In the end the Euro/usd pair is very dangerous at the moment therefore I was careful in trading it. Etoro is changing the margin requirements until the Greek situation is little more under control. So therefore I also did lower the position size for now. 

I want to thank you all for being here with me and we continue trading as always slow safe steady and with lots of profits.

I wish you all a great day!!
Want to join me?
Noa Strijbos

sunday post noa strijbos

Hello all,

Interesting week ahead!

Greek situation is getting more and more difficult and we are far from closing any deals at least that’s what they want us to believe.

We are running out of time so something need to happen. Also there is a Rumor that the bank will be closed on Monday…

As you all know I trade normally mainly the Euro/ USD but I will most likely add another pair.
So for you who are not as long invested as others… This is part of the strategy and All is good!

I ts no luxury at all to be somehow flexible. I know that the market conditions are not ideal for us. And the profit I make at theย  moment not all that great. I’m Aware of that and working on that!

I want to thank you all for you’re trust and patients. Andย  the help you give me!

Greetings Noa Strijbos

socialtrading account update

Noa Strijbos
socialtrading account update:
Hello All!!

Hope you all have a great day??
I can see some of you expect weekly profits?
Well forex is not a get rich quick game!
In my case its more like my slogan slow safe steady and lots of profits

Also I trade with very low lavrage to make sure you all are safe!

In this market conditions we are now that’s realy no luxery at all!!

Next week will be very important! Just so you know ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to thank you all for being here and have my back and have patiant and trust to copy me! I know it requiers a lot of that!

Wish you all a great day!

Grexit rumours – noa strijbos

Grexit rumours about a deal HUH?

Grexit Rumors of an imminent deal between Greece and its EU creditors!

Driving the Euro UP!

Which could mean we go lot more up Or it willย  go fall down as a rock!!
Well at the moment fundamentals are driving the markets at the moment…!!
Tommorow we need to see what is happening ECB time!

As you all see we do have some trades open and well the trading has continued first trades are more for longer time frames.