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Best trading monitors top 3

Best trading monitors top 3 The best of series read here the best books on trading and investing

Deathcross in trading

DEATHCROSS Death cross in trading is a technical indicator that traders use trying to predict bearish market energy. A death cross is a breakout design that shapes when a security’s short-term moving average falling underneath its long-term moving average. The…

changed the site

Hi all did changed the site I would like to know if you like this better. It would be a lot of help if you could let me know! Thanks in advange! greetings Noa Strijbos

stocks rally on good earnings

Financial update trading

I did short $tesla having casflow problems in terms of spending is a sign for trouble …but Make no mistake I like tesla cars I like the determination and pioneer vision from elon musk So markets down what you do……

friday 13 black cat

Germany News DOWNGRADE it RECORD low Deutsche BANK!!

Germany News DOWNGRADE it RECORD low Deutsche BANK!! German pmi number are worse than expected and ooh Deutsche Bank $db is on record low doesn’t look good! While French pmi are better than expected Europe is still having problems and…

friday 13 black cat

Done with Real Game of Trones ( the Trump China one) I go watch my favorite serie

Game of Trones

stocks trading update

STOCKS TRADING UPDATE STOCKS TRADING UPDATE Well we did a great recovery I CANNOT HELP IT I LOVE LOW DROWNS NO DROWNS AT ALL BIG RECOVERY BIg GREEN Equity real profits. Super risk management and I cannot help to be…

stocks rally on good earnings

trade market update

$BAYN.DE Is down so much!!! Roundup problems all over the place if that stuff is the reasons persons get cancer than its over for you… Since its a horrible decease and nobody wants you even if you clean up some…


Good Morning all $EUSTX50 down $FRA40 $GER3the 0 $SPX500 up so not much new… while $UBER lost so much money on the ipo its a new record. On that happy note hope you hade a great weekend? And wish you…

Stockmarket Update

Stockmarket Update Europe down again France Ger The volatility in the $Eur/usd is back which means money is there to be made… And I’m on it!! And all who copy me for 6 years know where the 636%Profit from 2014…