Financial News

Financial News

Right so all economic data from Europe is Not good at all!!!

UK is suspires with a 4.1 uptick 🙂 OOh well are brexit talks good for UK regardless the outcome?

Anyway I will be watching the whole thing and we have brexit parliament in one hour.

Later today we have some economic data from us to so indeed a busy day!!!

On that note I wish you all a great day and trading week!!!

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Trades incoming the golden cross arrived

Trades incoming the golden cross arrived
Yes I’m telling you there more trades coming in the stockportefilio. I will build into it slow since its earning warning season! But we have some fundamental good setups and also for all technical traders I mean Its a paradise… The golden cross 🙂 arrived!

So Yes will be a interesting week with data coming from Europe US and so on and I will be trading as I see fit…

As Always I will be on it And I’m well prepared for what to come!!
Yes sometimes you puzzle … Combine like a maniac for all scenarios since when the market tells you there is money to be made than its time to take massive action!!

And sometimes you can feel it coming!!!

On that note wish you all a great Great day!!!

Nasdaq swan landing in the water getting cold feet ?

Nasdaq swan landing in the water getting cold feet ..

Uh well its Saturday an as you know I do mayor of my analyzing in the weekends preparing for the week and to be honest NASDAQ is not looking that good if you look at the numbers… and how the stocks behave Until I have some more conformation I will be watching the process very close up!

Also since some more defancing names are going well sometimes this means a cycle shift and that is bound to happened although nobody knows when… This is why its so important to listen what the market tell you and ignore the media!!

On that note I wish you all a great SATURDAY NIGHT

Taking risk of the table

Taking risk of the table wich is a wise idea right now!!! #SPX500 markets rarely bottum on fridays …. also the data from europe is looking not bright at all and the whole world reacts …. so where taking some risk of the table wich gives us … more flexibility in what we do…when we need to. We also took out all the levrage beacuse the fees are now ridicilios and not worth it!

we do not hike this year we do not hike this year

We do not hike this year we do not hike this year…Fed said $SPY $spx

We need more stimulus we need more stimulus ECB (Not said yet, but needed anyway) $EURUSD

All in all same old same old
Brexit is on a everlasting timer TheresaMay gets 2 weeks to avoid a no brexit deal. $EUSTX50

The $eus is on the rise but there now more earnings downgrades than upgrades so I’m short some $GER30

So on that note wish you all a great friday!

And we go on slow safe steady and aiming for lots of profits
I made a list of some good post on the blog feel free to let me know if I missed something

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Financial analysing saterday best trade of the centyry?!

Financial analysing stocks saterday

So that was my saterday Early morning analysing than time for family than afternoon analysing than fam time than when my doughter sleeps analysing and more analysing I probably dream it tonight ….. charts financial numbers ….

Here my best trade IDEA!!! I want to short polititions WHAT YEAH SHORT ALL POLITITIONS with no SL 🙂 Best trade of the century ….

lol sorry got carryd away after all that charting but i will think of ways to inplement the above 🙂

On that note a really good weekend … thank you all for following ….

Im on

Financial news the Most important thing this week

Financial news the Most important thing this week

Hi all

Draghi is telling us something …. “We now expect the key interest rates to remain at their present levels trough the end of 2019”
Translation…. Euro you’re ….. I’m not going to put that word on my blog but you get the idea!!!
But will put my money where my mind is 🙂

So well that was the easy part of all the analyzing for this week….
At the moment going over some new fresh trading ideas like always weekends are busy as a trader.

The account looks good the adjustments I made are working fine and I do expect them to continue and I wiladjust accordingly but I will also protect or downside a lot with as needed hedges or getting out of trades a little more early as I do not want to get risk on when things are unclear so if you see trades with 1% profits you know why!! This is not wrongly trading but adjusting risk properly!! AND so important to do in waters where in now!

So things will go faster pase smaller profit taking but I will….. YES …I WILL RUN THE GOOD TRADES for AS LONG Is my inhuman patients will let me!!! Sometimes this can mean a long time 🙂

On that note Wish you all a great weekend And we go on slow safe Steady and aiming for lots of profits

Greetings Noa Strijbos

Financial sector overview stocks

Good morning all,

So here an sector overvieuw in the financial markets. For Europe.
So good start of the week!

So could be I will be opening more trades soon 🙂

Since its president day will not be a lot to do now!

on than note wish you al la great trading week!

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aud/usd Short Australia

aud/usd Short Australia

Yes you hear that right Australia looks like A great short at the moment $aud/usd. Im sorry really I hate to be happy when country get in trouble But live comes in cycles and country’s do well in cycles an sometimes there not!

Yeah and so nice I got an email from a copyer who is with me from 2014!!! For those who are also Like Him I know there a lot of you 🙂 Im honored And Thank you for you’re trust!! Its ofcorse also nice he emails me in persons!!
I told you Im here for the long term and will always try to do best for the copy’s and this doenst mean I only try to make good trades and or do great risk management (with the inhuman patients Im known for ) its also that sometimes regulation changes platform rules changes and I will always try to do the best I can for the copyrs….But I will tell you this: trading is Easy but trading right with the rules of platform changes after regulations changes…………. is Kind of Really hard if you’re trading longer term!
But Again I will be on top of that And I will always try to do best for the copyrs!

We did take some good profits and we have a good start of the Year! And I intend to keep that up…

Also I will be updating more in this Blog since so many of you ask me that!

On that Note Wish you all a great day and we will for on Slow Safe Steady and aiming for lots of profits!!

Greetings Noa Strijbos

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