Panic Mode in the market 50% deposite bonus

Panic Mode in the market:

Well as you have seen the market went in panic mode after China issues! Yesterday we did see a big sell of all over the markets. Euro stocks where losing more than 8% in a day wich was seen last time in 2008 when the crises was there.

Us stocks also down yesterday.

And for us it was not a good day but I want to tell you that I’m on it. And will take auction if I need to. We have lot of room to do so!

Today we see a recover of what happend yesterday and that is a good sign but all in all rate hikes in september is getting less support from the analyst at the moment.

As for the account you have to understand that those things happend when you trade and I do try to keep us safe as much I can.  Also this is one of the reasons copy me for just one month is not working you have more to look peformance at yearly bases.

Looks now that the pataint game begins.. but thats not a certanty so I will be watching the market a lot!

Is giving Up to 50% deposite bonus wich will be valid until end this month! Also for ne investors!



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