PMI Day and this is an important one with markets wild with platforms frozen…. With brokers stopping you from trading massive trends…. Hedge funds having hard times with the volatility that retail traders are bringing in!! And we need a better word for retail traders I mean its just sound wrong. I mean I see myself as a retail trader with a professional approach and Nothing can stop me!

But it does keep me thinking more I mean in the beginning I could trade trends like insane but now you also have a risk with al this frozen trends that platforms do …. And do like its normal! While those platforms should just hedge better!! Its not hard!

Even etoro now is saying over and over again be diversified and do like this is an awesome thing! I MEAN if you diversified to much you will have less upside!!!! So the name of the game is diversified well not to much it will not help you as a trader but it Will reduce risk for the platform… ( that risk score they show is so that they can be sure you over diversified… ) I WOULD RATHER HAVE THEM USING RISKCORE FRom YOURE drawdown since there is where you make a difference having low drawdowns and bigger upside will show how good you are!

In 2014 that is what you see in my strackrecord!!!! Low drawdowns massive upside in eur/usd and eur/gbp

On that note happy trading!

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