POlls are wrong again Brexit

YesThe election polls where really really wrong again….

You can almost bed on it these days… If they project the outcome put money on the other side its almost 90% Win in last decade! UK brexit awesome stuff is there again….
So yes again do not listen to mainstream media (IGNORE IT!!!) even if its coming from a well establish company… But maybe I also should tell you again SEEK OUT OONLY things that are facts not opinions… And if you look to opinions and if its you’re s please make sure you do one thing try tp put big and small holes in it!!! And than look if its stil holding up.,.. the brain wants you to be rite,,,. ( one of the reasons why thy succeed a lot by predicting he wrong things for you into you’re heads or is it just into you’re phones…. Phones )

So all in all economic data is not all that good but solids enough earnings growth is slowing which is not a good sign and yeah well you so have all those sweet buybacks and more buybacks which are helping so much…. I love the buybakcsssss!!

And than the account… Well Im short $Euro/usd Again… and we all now where my profits in 2014 came from! When persons where asking me…. What you’re doing making 600% IN A YEAR WITH NO DRAWDOWNS (and that was a real skill!) My answer was simple real “I just trade the crap out of the Euro dollar and yeah selling it like a beast! With injhuman patients and determination!!!
So why I bring this up…. Its very very possible that trade war wise trump will go after EUro Next …this Is an opinion and therefore ignore it or shoot the wholes in it or wait until this becomes fact!!! Or not!!!!!
I also did some Hedging since sometimes you really need to … Most hedges are out now… Sometimes you hedge to make money on the other side…. And sometimes its really only to protect you’re polrtefolio and the last was what I did and mostlikely they will be closed in a small loss which is fine since its just protection!!! I promised to protect the profits of the year where we made money and took a lot I repeat a LOT LESS RISK THAN THE MARKETSSSSS

So also I opened some new buys and could be I run those with some more tight stoplosses which is fine… Could be more short term trading in the last month of the year… Where really looking good now!
On that note wish you a great great weekend!!!
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