profit taking etf vacation trade wars and a good weekend for you all

Hope you enyou you’re weekend.
There is another quarter gone where there was a lot of profit taking in the market yeah trade wars … Vacations coming up slow period and well sometimes when the big boys not there could be rising opportunities for us…

A lot an I mean a lot op traders where pushed squused forced out of there etfffffssss we did not!
we have patient’s as long as all my metrics are okey I hold on… if some thing break down we can always hedge if I think we need that… This year we see a lot of big moves and they come fast but there also disappearing real fast so all in all a fun period! Also one where you can see that my inhuman patients makes sure I do have a relaxed aproach!

I hope you all have a great weekend

Thank you for making this a most reading post on my site; Greatest forex traders

Greetings Noa

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