rate policy looks like the 1930’s

rate policy looks like the 1930’s

So that will be good for $gold its also like why we go back century’s and its never different but you have more hiding places than gold now! We have a whole industry more that is fully grown up now and all yes all signals that the tech sector is matured and it should be reckoned with… I cannot Imagine that in the tech bubble we would almost say tech was a safe heaven… Well now in this crises this is where everyone did go… Why ?? For a lot of reasons I wrote an article about the trend speed up! That is what crises can do also globalization is part of this what more well they have crazy balance sheets and less overhead cost.. And a BIG outreach to clients for almost free this means they can influence the world for free (no advertising cost because we just keep you forever on a platform like Facebook persons spend a lot of time on those.

One of the thing I research now for my investing portfolio (which is not my trading portfolio AND AS I WALWASY SAY YOU NEED BOTH!) Is about that globalization that is going on and while you think that is only a good thing last month showed that its not always the case… You need stuff produced close by… You cannot rely fully on global distributions no more. I think this will be inportant for many years to come!!! This is how my mind works.. And this is super important I want a new trend like this confirmed and tested.. ( well the tech sector is confirmed since its bin tested and past the test) this also means tech needs a place in an investing portfolio this is my personal view. )

You get bored yet?

I’m not! Never bored of big trends big changes… My trading journal is telling me there is where I make my money!! And again I trust that in full… One example is the 600% in the Euro/usd. Also the big drop was a 33% for a reason! Even when that was a short trend it was one of the fastest 33 % without drawdown I got! The Euro/usd trend was much longer!

So we go on slow safe steady aiming for lots of profits

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