Record, into the year!

Record, into the year

So all in al its amazing where going strong! All that has bin trown to the markets was in the end super good for the markets so all in all Where good.. Im watching all closely but also I do make sure I trade when we need to as sometimes when markets gives you opportunities you’re insane not to take the risk and harvest on it!! This is what happening now….. Risk score is little higher but the real risk taking is not much at all!!! So all is fine! Where going to wine down positions as fast and slow we need to BUt be sure we protect the profits for the year Green equity also No drawdown and Going for a great great new beginning of the year!

Small update on performances

2014 597%
2015 37,31 %
2016 -2.67 %
2017 10,42 %
2018 -28,24
2019 ? But for now where on 14.85%

628% total 104% yearly average!
This numbers could be different for you if you close out positions etc so now what would you have now if you invested with me with 50.000 K in 2014!

All of this with no drawdowns!!!

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