The job of a trader is moving the graph up! Create green equity! The job of an investor is to spot bargain’s in the market! And discount future profits backwards! So again those are 2 different things…. And Persons are asking me with the investing part in the portfolio…. If this means more draw downs.. Answer is NO ITS NOT! I.m Very capable to do those things and integrate those Its what I have bin doing for years for myself,,.,

I do also recognize in the state of how the world is at the moment that drawdowns its not what you want at all… As I understand the power to convert to cash if you need it!!! This is no promise but its for sure a goal of mine! Being liquid if you need to be is insanely powerful!! And I love this to have this also for my copyrs ..

So a little word about that investing part…. I love Cash flow!! And well growing cash flow is even better!! So therefore I have some jewels in the portfolio and will builda things out! … I also will explain some more later on how I will do this and make this a dividend machine!

With al this its important that you open all trades and copy all open trades to manage it all…

This portfolio will work also awesome with big amounts money invested since than you will be having the upside of those dividends… On top of the TRDING GROWTH PART

since copy dividends they come in you’re account balance and not in the copybalances that you assign under me please If those amounts are getting big you can reinvest it in the LAST WEEK OF THE MONTH AFTER THE WEEKEND BACK UNDER ME wich is also much appreciated And will be making sure the synchronization in the portfolio is easier to Keep and handle from my side!

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