Stockmarket Update

Stockmarket Update

Europe down again France Ger

The volatility in the $Eur/usd is back which means money is there to be made… And I’m on it!! And all who copy me for 6 years know where the 636%Profit from 2014 came from!
What does this mean well it means there more opportunities in the pair which will mean a lot of small profits and some REAL big once I will ride it like you know I can so do not think its weird if I close small positions etc…Also One reason why I do sometimes close is to collect the refunds that are on the pair 🙂 Its nice.

So I said I would made some adjustments and you can see from the trackrecord 4 months in profit in a row it works!!! I will always try my best to do what is good for my copyers in all situations.
That’s my promise and I have that for 6 Years And I keep that!!!

The DB is doing a profit warning well yeah Got it!!

On that note which you all a great day!

Thanks For liking this Technical analyzing post that I created
Its has beaten the
And the

By a Big margin an as traders we like the big margins 🙂

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