stockportefolio update:

stock portfolio update Yes As I told you I would be getting rid of the drawdown and make money in the process! You see sometimes we build in positions to take profits after… And that volatility in the market and the ways its displayed was a opportunity that not there each day! And it is my my job to move the GRAPH up!

The way we do it now needed a little rotation on positions and that the thing I love since I’m flexible and can act fast so where well setup for anything the market throws us and also for freezing platforms yep I said it I told you I needed to think a little to trade around this and I did!

In the mean time the Markets are rotating and we rotate with it no problem more opportunity.

On the dividend strategy a small word … We will be building it out and it would be awesome if you would ad that money back to the copy so you’re staying in synchronization!

Now A question did you get a copdivident notification please let me now on the etoro openbook page!!!

some of you have bin reaching out to me an the email THANK YOU!

stocktrading Update

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