stocks trading update



Well we did a great recovery I CANNOT HELP IT I LOVE LOW DROWNS NO DROWNS AT ALL BIG RECOVERY BIg GREEN Equity real profits. Super risk management and I cannot help to be proud to have you all on board…with Me!! Some of you already for 6 Years…

And what I should mention is that its so fascinating to me that this is and was always so epic that persons can invest alongside you and invest in a real HUMANS investings ideas …and I can assure you one thing what I do is Unique in the way I never let others influence me on what to trade and when …. And I also have some unique restatement and tolerance that as I will explain a little later more ( if you reply on this I will make its a priority new post) should also be in line with a trader personal… So important.

My goal is as always to make my trading ideas possible for you all and my profits to… We all know the way etoro is structured now its harder to do but I always find a way to make it GOOD! That’s my job and that’s what I wdo I WILL ALWAYS DO WHAT IS BEST FOR MY COPYERS even if I have hard couces to make!!! You can see now Where going for the 5 the month GREEN IN A ROW no drawdowns!! I do not lock copyers up I give them real PROFITS!

If you new on my wall and want to know anything I will explain THINGS BEST I CAN IF I CANNOT I will make sure someone can!!

Than the posrtefolio…

Well its going great $shop is my favorite and Im adding as I see fit!!! $spx $xlk I traded that just to make sure I was in the rally while other stuff is outperforming that but that’s fine since I want to keep rolling those profits!
Sold some $ger since that was a hedge and that worked out fine.

I also make sure now that you do not need to pay so much fees since that’s important for you!
And im setting up a system now that we can integrate something you will like which means refunds:) This is not the copydividents which we do on @stocksnoasnoas we try to do copydividents 4 times a year …last Year was 20% on the profits given back to copyrs!!

So Want to wish you a great day

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