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The financial news update this week covers the highs and lows of future indices as well as earnings reports. Indices this week have been both red and green fluctuating for a variety of reasons. After the bell on Thursday afternoon, indices ended the day in the green. The Dow Jones was up about 0.55%. The S&P closed at 0.57%.The NASDAQ ended the day around 0.19%.

After the bell, pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences jumped by five percent in after hours trading with breaking news of its coronavirus treatment being approved by the FDA. Gap soared up thirteen percent today with news of its store closing plan for the next few years. Verisign beat earnings expectations. Align Technology rose over thirty four percent today due to a strong performing quarter. Align Technology, owner of Invisalign, reported revenue of 734.1 million dollars for the quarter.

Snap reported earnings on Tuesday. The social media company shocked investors with its blowout earnings of a fifty two percent growth in revenue. On Wednesday, Snap rose by over twenty eight percent. Year over year growth in sales was up by twenty five percent more than the seventeen percent year over year sales growth the company reported in the second quarter.

Netflix disappointed shareholders with its earnings. The actual EPS for Netflix was $1.74 compared to expected EPS of $2.13. The lackluster earnings report caused the stock to dramatically fall. As of Thursday afternoon, the stock was down eleven percent for the week.

Contrary to Netflix, Tesla gave a rewarding earnings report for shareholders. The electric car marker had a strong quarter. The company reported a fifth straight quarter of net and adjusted gains. The company reported it so far has sold half a million cars throughout the year. Of the half a million, around 181,000 were sold solely during the fourth quarter.

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