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This week the stock market has experienced a very good week. Stock futures dropped Thursday during after hours trading. The Dow Jones was down by eighty points. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ had dropped around one hundred points. Major indexes experienced their fourth straight day in the green. The Down Jones along with the S&P 500 are up by seven percent for the week. The tech heavy NASDAQ has grew by nine percent this week. The stock market has experienced its best week since April 9.

Tech stocks have benefited from positive futures and have thus skyrocketed this week. Apple has experienced a six percent growth this week. Nvidia is up by eight percent for the week. Facebook has grown close to seven percent for the week. Microsoft has seen a nine percent gain for the week. Nio has skyrocketed this week with a gain of thirty six percent.

stocks rally on good earnings
stocks rally on good earnings

Tesla’s stock price has increased by twenty five dollars this week or a little over six percent. Other electric vehicle stocks have traded mostly in the positive this week and Tesla has followed the trend. For the past year, the electric vehicle maker has grew by over five hundred percent. The company plans to roll out more vehicles. Canada and Norway are set to be the destinations it introduces beta software.

Friday will give way to more earnings report. Toyota, Marriott, CVS, The Hershey Company, Square and Dish Network report on tomorrow. Much anticipation surrounds Square which has performed well this year in the stock market. Square has grown two hundred percent for the year due to the rise in online shopping. Qualcomm beat expectations with its earnings this week. The expected EPS was 1.17 and the actual EPS was 1.45. The stock is up by sixteen percent for the week.

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