stocks rally on good earnings

update stocksnoasnoas 25-09-2018

Hi All!!, where so good positioned for end of the year!!! For a super nice push! As I said we will protect the profits so far made and ofcorse that’s on top of the 15% copydividents given back to you!!…


Analysing Thank you for youre pataints

I know its bin some time for a proper update! Thank you all for you’re patients! The market needed some background analyzing and well Than I tend to be little less online and more Doing my real job as a…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas All And as each year I want to give you a update on where we are and where we go! But first I want to take a moment to thank all my copyers who stayed with…

Thank you noa strijbos

Thankyou Today I want to do special thanks for my OLDEST copyrs more than 3 years and there a lot of you!!!!! Thanks for you’re trust and most of all patients help on my wall as I told you that…

do not walk before you run

Do Not Walke Before You RUN

Do Not Walk Before You RUN You where Running before you could Walk!  

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Noa Strijbos video

Noa Strijbos video:  


    I will be having more #success in my life because I refuse to give up. I don’t know that word anymore its earesed. #Motivation#inspiration

noa strijbos

Noa Strijbos HI ALl!! Old and new copyers I want to thank you for you’re trust to copy me!! And for my older copyers amazing that you keep the faith in me A big thank you for you’re patients and…



MERRY CHRISTMAS Hi All! Want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! What an amazing year for me at least. As each year I will give a full update next week on pefomance and how I felt this year and also I…


Baby is Born

Baby is Born: Hi all we are now proud parents of a beautiful girl. We are super happy and ofcorse I have to recover a bit after a difficult pregnancy. In the mean time Im on my trading desk preparing…