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Germany News DOWNGRADE it RECORD low Deutsche BANK!!

Germany News DOWNGRADE it RECORD low Deutsche BANK!! German pmi number are worse than expected and ooh Deutsche Bank $db is on record low doesn’t look good! While French pmi are better than expected Europe is still having problems and…

stocks trading update

STOCKS TRADING UPDATE STOCKS TRADING UPDATE Well we did a great recovery I CANNOT HELP IT I LOVE LOW DROWNS NO DROWNS AT ALL BIG RECOVERY BIg GREEN Equity real profits. Super risk management and I cannot help to be…


Tradingbots are for idiots

Tradingbots are for idiots! Yes you read that right bots!!!! I hate the trading bot Idea! I win from a trading bot all day long!!! They maybe spot things in the market but they do not spot big fundamental things…

Update social trading

Good Morning all!! Here an update socialtrading As you have seen we made some profits. In these market where the situation is getting out of hand with Greece there lot of rumors about all sort of things. But if you…

Noa Strijbos new week comming

Noa Strijbos New week comming: Yes a new week is coming last week was all a relcoaster! The facebook issue made me angrybut the interview posted was the highlight ofcorse which Im still very proud of! Read it here:…


Reuters interwiewd me!! look what they where writing!

reuters interwiewd me!! look what they where writing: Noa Strijbos Now I’m realy feeling famous!! Please comment and share if you like and where you like!!!  

Social Trading noasnoas

Noasnoas SocialTrading

Noasnoas Social Trading: Trading at the largest social trading platform on the world! Peformance 2015 total profit of 597% perfomance 2014 total proft 40%