TemptationIsland trending

TemptationIsland trending brings me down to earth!

Yeah I have no time to worry about that temptationIsland top trending on twitter I mean is the world bored? Im down to earth at my trading desk! With a lot of exelsheets beauty’s

We took some profits on $spy And where building further from here.
As stated before there some changes in in regulating for the broker and therefore I have to act on that and I did. I’m always very aware of those things and on top of that.
Trying to do the best for my copyrs. (Also trying to look further than just today regulating will be a pain for brokerages but there always to slow to react therefore we have a big advantage. As you can see where very on or way to build out and position us for some good moves. (that took some time I know Thanks for you’re patiants copyers!)
Wild moves can happen in vacation periods and also for us this can mean lot of opportunities! I get my horse out the gate and make sure it runs fast ( for those who know me yes Im a horse trainer deep in the hard and always will be)

Sector update for today! What finance up 🙂
Consumer Discretionary
Information Technology
Health Care

For this week there a lot of inflation numbers coming out so will be watching those!
On that note wish you a great day!

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