The Hundred Words Update Post For June

the hundred words update post for June.
Hi all,
well markets are mixed also some weird coronations are going on like utility’s up and broader market up gold up those are times you need to watch out for big rotations in the market and well IM on that portfolio looks good and planning to ad some more good positions for some growth.
So we build the cashflows the grow cashlow and now we build the growth part also I will be watchhing for good short if i see them… top holdings now are $mi $nvd $ap $ko

I did needed to rotate all positiions so all copyers are in synchrinisation with me

somehow my page will not let me pinn post the technical team is trying to fix this but it takes longer than anticipated so please make sure you like and share this post 🙂 thank you in advange

wish you all a great day

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