trade market update

$BAYN.DE Is down so much!!! Roundup problems all over the place if that stuff is the reasons persons get cancer than its over for you… Since its a horrible decease and nobody wants you even if you clean up some weeds ugh!! ..And I shorted the stock big time!!!

Indexes up in Europe $EUSTX50 $GER30 (took profit on a short since that was a hedge) $FRA40 $uber is also not happy Is my guess going down that much…but Than again its losing money not making any … But than again its how $amz started so lets follow that companies lets see how there disruption is working for them longer therm. Than trade wars are full on and therefore where watching all in all closely since we also have some vol in that jumps up and down and the $spy $spx are down… Than the rate hike talks in us are also something to keep in mind $eur/usd so lot to keep track of as always and that is so much fun!!

So on that note wish you all a great day trading!
Top performance in the portfolio $shop $aus/usd and some in Europe 🙂 $uni

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